How to dress well as a guy

How to dress well as a guy

How to dress well as a guy

In this short guide we will let you know on how to dress well as a guy. Ever stood in front of the mirror not knowing what to wear and what to match? Well, here is an end to all this.


The Essentials

A good pair of dark jeans

These can be anywhere from H&M, Mango to Zara. Just plain and simple dark jeans.


A few button down shirts

Now here we can advice button down shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt. Very inexpensive and amazing feel.


Good socks, underwear and basic tshirts

Nice black socks, Calvin Klein underwear and basic tshirts – only V-neck-t-shirts, though!


A pair of slim trousers

Should be a little conservative and fit well.


A leather belt and brown shoes

In this basic instruction those will match to most of your outfits.


A watch

A men’s watch is not only for telling time but also making a statement. Get your favorite Men’s watch here!


The Rulse

Everything must be slim fit – fit is everything

You can have the most expensive, coolest clothing in the world and stil look like a tool! No matter what buy it to fit or do not wear it.


Nothing graphic ever

No graphic tees, no graphic designs on your pants, nothing. Ever!


Dress like a real human being

Do not take fashion advice from anime, video games, music, and other alike media.


Stick to simple colors


Do not feel scared to dress well

There is no negative to looking good. People making fun of you should be ignored. They just feel insecure themselves and need to accomodate.



Where to shop

There are really no limits when keeping the above points in mind. Just make sure they have a return policy when shopping online, like at 😉




How to dress well as a guy