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Fashion Accessories from MAURINO

Fashionaccessories from MAURINO create an eager want for the necessity to dress chic and fashionable, which stands for self-awareness and stylistic confidence. A unique style always strives to emphasize an expressive appearance. Therefore, we at MAURINO are convinced that a wrist watch must not only be a timepiece, but rather an essential part of everyone’s individual and unique style. As the first release in our clothing accessory collection, our MAURINO watch stands for the decision to dress appropriate and confident for any occasion. With timeless character and unwavering attention to detail, it stresses the importance of your outspoken style. The passionate and precise craftmanship of your classy MAURINO watch embraces you joyfully and attracts attention.
Our Designers love the understatement and minimalistic elegance with clear contours. Become your own style icon by always standing out for an elegant look.